Why do parents keep "dangerous" dogs around their kids?

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Every few months a story pops up in the national headlines about a family whose dog has either mauled or killed a child. The most recent one involves a pit bull puppy that allegedly destroyed the foot of a young boy with spina bifida. Because the boy has no feeling below his waist, he could not feel the young dog chewing his foot. The dog has been euthanized, the boy now has a deformed foot, people are again left in shock. This is obviously a sad story for all involved. The already disabled boy has yet another physical trauma, the mother likely feels guilt ridden, an animal is dead.

But I have to wonder why, oh why, do people continue to bring "dangerous" animals into their homes when young kids are either present or near by? I understand that not all pit bulls or rottweilers are aggressive. But why tempt a situation? Do your research, find an older, more mellow dog that has a proven record of benevolence. If you are moving to a neighborhood, look round the adjoining properties to scout out what kind of animals live there. If you know your neighbor is planning to get a dog, find out what kind. It might sound a bit extreme, but when children are involved nothing is ever too safe.

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