Exclusive: Michelle Duggar is pregnant!

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I recently wrote about a rumor going around online that Michelle Duggar, of the "Duggar Family" fame, is pregnant. For those of you who aren't up to date on the happenings on TLC, the Duggars are a family that lives in Arkansas and has 16 children.

Michelle and her husband Jim Bob have said in the past that they viewed children as a blessing and, as long as Michelle was willing, they would have more.

I sent an email to Jim Bob Duggar, who graciously replied. Michelle is, in fact, pregnant!

"It is true, Michelle is expecting #17 July 27th, 2007," said Jim Bob in an email to Blogging Baby. What wonderful news for this family.

While not everyone may agree with their birth control practices, it is nice to see a family that really welcomes all additions. If you'd like to see more about The Duggar family, you can see some previous Blogging Baby posts here.

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