Music Review: Yellow Fever

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While they're name isn't exactly uplifting, the Austin-based trio, Yellow Fever, make grown-up music that's totally child-friendly. I bumped into the band late Saturday night at a show that was otherwise dominated by pretentious indie kids, and was immediately endeared to their simple song structures, cutesy vocal lines, and low-key, laid-back attitude.

The great thing about this band is that they're able to be straightforward without being boring. Their melodies are almost immediately hum-able, and are sure to get your head nodding, while also just driving enough to make you feel like you're listening to real rock music -- and not saccharine bubble-gum pop.

Kids' artists seems to try and empathize with children in one of two ways: either they're soft, cuddly, and sweet, or they're so full of disparate energy you can barely tolerate more than a couple minutes. Rarely, however, do children's' musicians manage to combine the best of both with the unassuming grace of Yellow Fever. Thus, while I'm sure this wasn't their intent, this hipster trio has managed to make some fantastic kids' music. Overall rating: 9/10.

Disclaimer: I only saw the band live (where it was too loud to catch all the lyrics), and I haven't heard every song on the band's EP. So, while the songs seemed innocuous, you may want to listen to it by yourself first to make sure all the content is appropriate.

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