Prince's half-time show a phallic thing?

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I'm not a big Super Bowl person. In fact, I didn't even know the Colts were from Indiana until I sat down at a friend's house to watch the game. Okay, truth be told it was an excuse for a few mothers to get together for a drink while our kids watched the show downstairs and played, but I'm still claiming it was a football thing.

Anyway, amidst our Sunday afternoon of mom gossip and cocktail hour, we heard the kids shouting from downstairs about weenies. Knowing that they had not eaten any hot dogs, the moms flocked to the television in time to see the half time show of Prince playing his symbol behind the see-through curtain.

"Dude, look! He's playing his Thing!" shouted one of ourssons. "No, man, that's his guitar, you fool!" claimed another. "No way, man. That's his unit!"

And so it went on. It did, indeed, look rather phallic to me. Sure, I had consumed a glass of wine but I swear Prince was playing his weenie behind that curtain. What do you think? Any thoughts?

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