Grandfather battles anaconda to save his grandson

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How far would you go to save the life of a child? Most people probably wouldn't hesitate in answering that they would do whatever it took, even risking their own lives, just to prevent the child from harm. Well, one Brazilian man has proved that theory in spades.

While a good majority of us probably can't even imagine touching a snake, this man fought a 16 ft. long anaconda for thirty minutes to protect his grandson after the snake had wrapped around the 8-year old boy's neck. The snake was attempting to suffocate the child by coiling around his throat, but after a long battle the grandfather had hurt the snake badly enough that it finally let go. Though the venom of an anaconda isn't lethal, the boy had to receive 21 stitches in his chest where he was bitten. According to news reports, the snake weighed approximtely 75 lbs.

(via: AOL news)

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