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Busy Mom is one of my favorite everyday reads. She's funny and smart and she shares my bizarre love for Anderson Cooper. As do the rest of you, I'm sure.

What you may not realize is that in addition to her day job and her kids and her everyday blog, Busy Mom has two OTHER blogs, Career and Kids (which is all about, uh, career and kids) and GenBetween (about life as an adult child and a parent). Both share the same wit as the original Busy Mom site, and both are worth a look.

Career and Kids
is a must-read for working parents. Posts like "Love at the Office" (which starts out, "Well, that was kind of a mis-leading title, eh?") point out the funnier moments in the lives of working parents ("You wear a macaroni necklace to a meeting") while others deal with hot-button issues like taking kids out of school for family vacations. In this day of crazy us-against-them Mommy wars rhetoric, it's nice to read a site that doesn't take sides, and that finds the humor in the day-to-day of working parents.

I am also partial to GenBetween because my parents are getting older and I don't always know how to balance my role as a child and my role as a parent. Busy Mom has experience with this, and she shares it in such a nice way. Her most recent post, An Act of Love, tells the story of her mother's death from lung cancer. Get a tissue; you'll need it.

Stop in and give Busy Mom some love And tell her Anderson Cooper says hello.


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