Proposed legislation in New Hampshire will allow same-sex couples to adopt in all 10 counties

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Legislation has been proposed in New Hampshire that will allow same-sex couples to adopt in all 10 of the state's counties. Currently, probate judges in six counties allow these adoptions, while four do not. However, according to this story, the fact that these four counties that do not allow same-sex adoptions has nothing to do with personal views on the issue--it's more of how judges in these particular cases read and apply existing law.

Under the current law, a married couple or an unmarried couple can adopt children, but it does not specifically say that same-sex adults can do so as well. Some judges apply the law to include same-sex unmarried couples. But for judges who go "by the book," same-sex adoptions are not allowed to proceed because these couples cannot marry in New Hampshire.

The new law would allow for two unmarried adults in a "familial relationship"--meaning that the couple share a home and have the means to pay the rent or mortgage on that home--to adopt a child together. Of course, the couple would also have to prove that they have the ability to provide a stable and loving home for that child, but one would assume that process already exists within the state.

The proposed legislation certainly makes a lot of sense, and it should pass when it comes up for a vote next month.


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