Dad learns of sperm mix-up after divorce

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A German man discovered during a routine blood test for his son that he wasn't the biological father. Turns out that the sperm bank had a mix-up years ago, resulting in the woman being impregnated with someone else's sperm.

Since the man is not the biological father, he is no longer bound to provide child support for the child, though he hasn't said he plans on not paying.

My problem with this article is the wording. They refer to the anonymous man whose sperm was used as the "true" father. Up until recently, this man did not know it was not his biological child. Therefore, even though the child is not his biologically, he raised him as his own.

He is the "true" father, genetics aside.

According to German malpractice law, the doctor in charge of the sperm mix-up can not be sued.

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