Tea and toast banned from playgroup

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I thought the brouhaha about Mom's having a cocktail at playgroup was ridiculous, but the ban of tea and toast at a British playgroup is truly perplexing. Tea and toast, for the love of Pete! What could be less controversial than tea and toast?

A lot, according to a council who has banned Moms at the Pat-A-Cake Playgroup from having their snack at weekly play sessions, on grounds of safety. The group has been told it can have hot drinks in thermal cups, but can't boil the water in the room where they meet, presumably on the premise that it could potentially scald a child.

The town library, where the playgroup convenes for a minimal fee, says that the library cannot offer kitchen facilities and feels that hot drinks, babies, and young children in the same room do not mix.

I think this is a case of paranoia gone wild. There is prudence, and then there's absurdity.

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