Kansas schools return to sanity

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Just in case they hadn't beat the issue completely to death, the Kansas Board of Education is once again taking up the issue of teaching evolution vs. creationism intelligent design. This time, however, it looks like reason may prevail.

In the November elections, voters ousted school board conservatives who passed measures in 2005 citing evolution as incompatible with religious doctrine, and questioning the validity of Darwin's theory. The new, more moderate members of the school board plan to keep the science classrooms of Kansas more in line with the National Academy of Sciences -- as opposed to church.

Not surprisingly, the board's decision has angered some, including John West of the Seattle-based Discovery Institute (a think-tank focused on intelligent design), who calls the Kansas school board "so extreme."

I'm siding with Eugenie Scott, executive director of the National Center for Science Education, who feels that current board's proposed standards "reflect science, rather than a politicized curriculum that miseducates students."

What do you think?

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