Michigan woman defrauds three adoptive couples

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This is the kind of story that puts fear into the hearts of every prospective adoptive family.

It turns out a Michigan woman defrauded three(!) adoptive couples out of thousands of dollars as she is accused of promising them they would be able to adopt her unborn child. The couples each paid money to her for rent, utilities, and cellphone bills. The child was eventually born and placed with a fourth couple.

The accused culprit, Heather Roshelle Collins, allegedly made things even worse by telling the couples that her baby would be born last October when it actually was born in August. So, for a period of three months, she continued to accept money from these couples while her child was already out of her custody.

Collins has now been charged with two felonies and released on $20,000 bond. Preliminary hearings are scheduled to take place next week.

Obviously, we all know that birthmothers do have the right to change their minds and keep their babies--all of us who have adopted domestically know the risks. However, birthmothers don't have the right to play with peoples' emotions and prey on them for bottomless financial support. That's why it is crucial that prospective adoptive parents get legal representation immediately so their rights will be protected.

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