Gym teacher attacks students

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It seemed like a normal gym class for 5th graders at Pico Rivera Meller Elementary School -- until they crossed paths with a nutcase, and were attacked.

The students were running laps, and in doing so, ran through another teachers' first-grade physical education class. The first-grade teacher then became "highly upset," and started "striking at some of the kids running through her class."

One the victims, Lauren Lopez, 10 -- while pointing out a large red mark on upper arm where she'd be slapped -- told a local TV station that the teacher "just started tripping and kicking kids."

School counselors and psychologists are now on campus to speak to the students involved.

An incident similar to this actually happened while I was in school. Our band teacher flipped out, slammed a kid against a locker and started cursing him out. I figured it was a one-off, but teaching seems to be a very demanding job -- are outbursts like this common amongst educators?

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