Florida governor seeks to create office to oversee adoptions within state

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You have to give Florida Governor Charlie Crist some credit for trying to make adoption easier and more affordable in his state.

Besides proposing an annual $3,000 subsidy for parents who adopt until the child turns 18 years of age, he is looking to create an Office of Adoption and Child Protection. Thhe head of this office would be charged with the responsibility of making sure the adoption process, especially of those children in foster care moves forward in a timely manner. In addition, children with special needs, who already get a state subsidy of about $3,600 a year, would see that increase to about $5,000.

It's gratifying to see that these steps are being taken. Adoption is by and large an expensive proposition, and anything that can be done to ease the financial burden is worth undertaking. Plus, having a state government office coordinating adoptions within that state seems like a good idea. There are way too many instances where there is a lack of information as well as solid regulation when it comes to adoptions, especially for those children in foster care. In addition, there are too many loopholes and opportunities for mismanagement of the entire process, and having someone in charge to make sure everything goes smoothly is a good thing.

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