The dark secrets behind Guatemalan adoptions

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Adoptions from Guatemala have proved very popular over the past few years. There were nearly 4,500 completed last year, and it looks like more will take place this year.

However, this story gives strong indications that there are many irregularities in the system within the country, and it bears closer scrutiny as more Americans turn to Guatemala and other countries in the region for adoptions as China and other lands place more restrictions on their own adoption processes.

There are allegations of women being manipulated into placing their children into the adoption system, and of monies being exchanged between unaware adoptive parents and baby brokers in Guatemala. It really is sad to read and this could only lead to further trouble down the line if anyone within the Guatemalan government had the courage to contest the system.

It goes without saying that if you plan to adopt from Guatemala you should first gather as much information as you can before you undertake the effort. Of course, information from sources such as domestic adoption agencies as well as the State Department can be spotty at best, but you have to start from somewhere. Unfortunately, there is a lot of room for abuse in the system and a lot of people can get hurt.

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