Second time around: Should I go VBAC or C-section?

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With my first child, I desperately wanted to experience vaginal birth. Well, perhaps desperately is the wrong adjective. I wanted a vaginal birth, but I was afraid of the pain and asked for the epidural early on. A strange reaction to the epidural temporarily paralyzed me below the waist and halted the progression of my contractions and dilation. Then the baby exhibited fetal distress and before I knew it I was on the operating table.

My husband and I have talked at great length and we both think that trying to have a vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) would be therapeutic for me. Part of me feels like I failed as a woman by needing a cesarean section. And as strange as it sounds, I kind of want to know what a normal birth feels like.

I honestly don't get this trend of women choosing a c-section the first time around. The cesarean was major surgery. Recovery was long and arduous. Plus where's the element of surprise when you schedule your birth in between appointments?

My friends often object to the idea of the VBAC with hilarious comments like, "Trust me, I pushed enough for the both of us!" Or, "Why go all loosey-goosey down there if you don't have to?"

On the other hand, my son had seizures shortly after birth due to decreased oxygen to his brain at some point during labor and delivery. Do I want to go through the possibility of that again?

I know that it will ultimately depend on my risk factors and my OB's opinion, but assuming I have some input, what do you think I should do? What was your experience with labor and delivery the second time around?

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