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It's every prospective adoptive parent's worst nightmare. A birthmother promises that she has chosen you to be the adoptive parent of her baby, but when the baby is due, the deal is broken.

Many times, the birthmother and (sometimes) the birthfather have a change of heart and decide to keep their child. Although that scenario can be heartbreaking to people expecting to adopt, it comes with the territory, and you have to expect it. Giving up a child is the most wrenching decision anyone ever has to make, so even though it can be devastating to those waiting to adopt, you can certainly understand it if someone changes their mind.

However, unfortunately, there are those who would take advantage of people and engage in adoption scams to bilk people out of money. There are some "birthmothers" who will promise their child to more than one adoptive family or, in some extreme cases, fake a pregnancy. They do this while accepting financial support from these people. When you read about these types of scams, it makes you very angry.

To combat these situations, Lynne Banks and Kelly Kiser-Mostrom have created a website based on Kiser-Mostrom's book "The Cruelest Con" that helps adoptive parents identify potential scammers as well as make sure the agencies and/or attorneys they work with are on the level. They don't charge for their work, and they strive to help people have a positive adoption experience.

It's a great tool to help anyone interested in adopting and helps to make sure that they are protected against any scams from unscrupulous people.

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