World's most premature baby home

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Tiny Amillia Taylor is finally home from the hospital.

The world's most premature surviving baby spent a grueling 4 months in the hospital after being born weighing just 10 ounces. Wow. That's unfathomable. Previously, babies under 14 ounces were thought to to be unable to survive.

Amillia's survival is a credited to advances in neo-natal medicine, and her parents are so grateful to have her home. Amillia is now four pounds, "plump" to her Mother who had been unable to hold Amillia for the first 6 weeks after her birth at 22 weeks gestation.

Amillia's name means "resilient" in Latin - a fighter and hardworking. Click through to the BBC story and the picture of the tiniest pair of feet you've ever seen to envision just how wee this baby was.

Heartfelt congratulations to Amillia and her parents.

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