Adoption scammer confronted on Dr. Phil

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I've never seen an episode of Dr. Phil, but I wished I had seen these two episodes. Apparently, last week a woman who scammed a family who thought they were adopting her baby was revealed and confronted on the show by the same family.

It appears this "person", Bella Kampanelli aka Melissa Christiansen, a known adoption scammer, was bilking other families out of their money as well. After she got caught by the authorities, her explanation of her behavior was that she "wanted to feel special to somebody"--the somebody being at least five different families she coerced into paying her bills and believing that her baby would go to them. To top it off, she was not even pregnant.

It goes without saying that people like Melissa Christiansen are the scum of the Earth, and they should have the book thrown at them. As we've said here before, if you choose to pursue an adoption where you deal directly with the birthmother, it pays to do as much due diligence as possible, including background checks. Of course, it may prove difficult for the other party to cooperate, but if they don't, it means they're probably up to something and it would be better for you to walk away. The end result could be devastating heartbreak for you.

If anyone has seen these shows, please comment here and let us know what exactly transpired.

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