Swanky or Spanky -- underwear with a built-in condom pocket

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Not everyone is ready to have kids (or more kids, as the case may be). That doesn't mean, however, that they necessarily want to give up their social life. Enter Swanky or Spanky Limited, a british company started by a former social worker to promote a safe lifestyle. The company offers a line of underwear with a built-in pocket designed to hold a condom.

Dawn Dines, the designer, wants to make safe-sex an easy and discrete choice for everyone with her new line of underwear. Available for both men and women, in a variety of styles, each pair has an appropriately sized pocket in the small of the back. Given that teenagers seem to be prone to having sex, these might make a positive gift, if you're an open and progressive parent. Or, they might just keep you from becoming one.


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