How do you toddler proof?

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I wasn't very good at babyproofing the house. I tentatively moved some cords around, and inserted some plastic doohickies in the light sockets, but in general I didn't think about the stuff that mattered: my pen tray on the desk, leaving my juice on the coffee table. I learned as I went.

I am dreading Nolan's transition into a toddler bed. He hasn't fallen out of his crib since that horrfying night, but I have been mentally preparing myself for the transition. He is too big for his crib, even if it weren't a little unsafe.

But how do you babyproof a toddler room? There will be no crib bars to contain him in a toddler bed, and he knows how to open doors. I envision him stealthily sneaking out of his room while I sleep: meandering in the kitchen to eat some dog food, perhaps swirling his hand in the toilet at a leisurely pace, relieved for the lack of indignant Mommy telling him "no, no, no!"

Also, I am finally getting 7 hours of sleep a night and I am so unwilling to part ways with them. I envision Nolan creeping into my room at night, pulling my hair, inserting his finger into my eye socket at 3:22 AM.

Any suggestions, dear readers? How did you toddler proof your kid's room? I am worried it cannot be done.

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