Breastfeeding too sexy for MySpace

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It seems that can't handle breastfeeding. At least a half-dozen women have reported that the social networking site has deleted pictures of them breastfeeding their babies from their profiles -- because they're too sexual. We've been through this before, but apparently MySpace hasn't. Breastfeeding isn't sexual.

A quick browse of MySpace caused me to suffer through dozens of sexy pictures -- all of them far more revealing and arousing than any breastfeeding picture could ever be. I'm not sure what's going on at MySpace, but they don't seem very consistent. Breastfeeding is about as sexy as macaroni and cheese. In fact, it's a healthy, natural activity that is generally the best choice for babies. It's too bad MySpace doesn't recognize and support that.

Meanwhile, one woman has started an online petition which, so far, has gathered more than 6,000 electronic signatures. If you don't find breastfeeding to be sexual, head on over and add your name to the list of supporters. Perhaps if enough people sign it, MySpace will get the point.

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