Blogging Baby Size Six: The positives of a sick kid

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My Mom and I brought my kids to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo this past week. The rodeo is a big deal here in Houston; there's all kinds of activities and some pretty big musical acts play. (Even Elvis performed in the 1970s!)

Since there were a lot of animals that poop around, I tried to make sure that my daughter constantly washed her hands. But, it didn't matter. The next day we experienced the joy of vomiting in the back seat of my car.

Since then, she has had a fever that would not get better. A Saturday night trip to the Urgent Care clinic here in town showed that her fever had spiked to 104.8 (40.4 C) and an exam rendered a very sore throat. Oddly enough, she had never complained of a sore throat, instead telling us that her eyes hurt.

After all that and the problems that go on with having a sick child, there are some positives. So, without further ado, I bring to you six positives of having a sick kid.

  1. Sick kids are a lot less likely to run around the house, throwing a tantrum. Sure, they cry a bit more because they feel horrible, but the random toddler tantrums are diminished.
  2. Snuggles. I get the best snuggles from my kids when they are sick.
  3. They actually somewhat listen to you. Perhaps it is the fever messing with their little heads, but man, you tell her to do something and she does it.
  4. They like to sleep. No fighting at bedtime when little ones are sick!
  5. They're really cute and sweet when not feeling well.
  6. Did I mention the snuggles? I've had the best snuggles in a long time this week.

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