Sacrifices made in the name of family

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In the summer of 2004, my husband was involuntarily separated from the payroll system where he worked. In other words, he got canned. Considering he is the primary bread-winner in our house, this was a serious situation.

We had moved here for that job and we didn't want to move again. Ellie was settled and happy and this is where we wanted her to grow up. Not wanting to relocate narrowed down our options quite a bit and in the end, it took six long months for him to find another job.

Those six months were the most stressful times of our marriage. My husband had always been pretty good at winning the bread, so this setback shook his confidence, worried his mind and generally bummed him out. It was tempting to accept the jobs that were offered to him in other cities, but we were determined to stay put for Ellie's sake.

The bright spot in the nightmare was all the extra time Ellie got to spend with her Papa. His previous job had involved long hours and he was rarely home before bedtime. During the time he was unemployed, he and Ellie spent a lot of time together and the bond between them grew even stronger. Those six months made us realize that his chosen career just wasn't good for our family.

We were so very fortunate that he was able to find employment here in a different field. We took a hit financially, but when we all sit down to have dinner together, we feel it was well worth it. What about you? What sacrifices have you made for the sake of your own family? Were they worth it?

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