How my daughter inspires me

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My daughter Christy is a college student with a very full life. In addition to her heavy course load, she works two jobs and is on several school committees. She is also involved in local politics and regularly volunteers her time to advance causes she believes in. She attends fund-raisers and helps out wherever she can. She will graduate with a Political Science degree this year and is looking forward to law school. She is a busy girl with a big life.

Me, not so much. I work at home, supervise pets and play dates and seem to spend a lot of time in the grocery store. I sometimes feel overwhelmed by my responsibilities and wonder how she does it all.

Recently, I started to feel like maybe I was a bit envious of her life. It's not that I want to go to parties every night and study all day. Just the thought of that makes me tired. I think what I am coveting is the impact she is having on her world and the happiness that brings her.

Her passion has inspired me. As busy as she is, Christy makes the time to give of herself to others and I respect that. I want to feel that energy and excitement when I get up every morning. I want to make a difference outside of my own home and have resolved to do something about it.

After all these years of showing her the way, she is now showing me the way. And that makes me very proud.

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