Volunteering ideas for Spring Break

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I've read a few blogs recently that discussed "winter break," a concept that is completely foreign to me. A break? In winter? Didn't you just have Christmas break?

Since I'm confused on the concept of "winter break" (I think these people are also the ones who have "fall break," which again, is a foreign concept) I'm not sure if others have Spring Break coming up.

But! If you are about to have spring or summer break and some kids who don't want to sit around the house watching The View and are so tired of trips to the beach, how about a family volunteering trip?

If you are curious as to what is available out there, I've pulled together a couple of examples of the types of trips a family can take. Note that there is usually a cost involved to volunteer and to always make sure that you check out the organization that you're considering working under.

  • Head on over to Lucky Fork, Kentucky to help revitalize the city. From rebuilding abandoned log cabins to helping with community yard sales, this old mining town needs some help.
  • How about teaching English to rural Chinese kindergarten students? (This trip is longer than just a few weeks.)
  • Want to be in the great outdoors? The American Hiking Society has volunteer vacations up that include hiking and rebuilding many footpaths and shelters.
  • If you're up for some adventure, head to Hawaii to help at a national park that surrounds the world's largest dormant volcano. Serve by cleaning and restoring campsites and the land, but be prepared for a variety of terrain.
  • Head down to New Orleans with Habitat for Humanity to help rebuild what Hurricane Katrina took.


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