How do you teach a kid to ride a bike?

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Ellie will be seven years old this year and we have made absolutely no progress in teaching her to ride a bike. The kid can scooter like nobody's business, but the idea of bicycling without training wheels terrifies her.

As a kid, I loved my bike. It was my ticket to freedom and I have fond memories of cruising through my neighborhood, radio strapped to the handlebars, watching the world go by. That bike meant so much to me that I kept it in my bedroom at night. I even took pictures of it to put in my photo album. It was a great bike.

I don't recall actually learning to ride it, though. I am sure my dad must have taught me, as mom delegated most outdoor lessons to him. I do know that he taught Christy one day while I was at work. I've seen the photos - he has his hand on the bike in one shot, in the next shot she is cruising down the sidewalk with a big smile on her face. How did he do that?

This past summer, we tried to get Ellie up and riding. My husband and I took turns jogging behind her, holding the seat of her bike, yelling "pedal! pedal!" She spent the entire lesson looking back at our hands, screaming "Don't let go!" Of course we had to let go. And of course, she fell. She wasn't hurt, but she was done.

I was done, too. The position one must assume in order to hold a bike seat and run at the same time is hard on my back. There has got to be a better way.

The sun is shining today and I am longing to ride. I would love nothing more than to have her riding alongside me and am looking for some help here. How did you teach your kid to ride a bike?

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