How old is "too old" for diapers?

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I have been pondering the idea of toilet training Nolan for a while now. First of all, he rummages quietly in corners when he's going number 2, and I know he is aware when he is going to go number 1 by the way he stands up gleefully in the bathtub prior and runs his hand through the stream.

Nolan's daycare providers say it's very rare these days to see a little boy potty trained by age 2 -- most of their two-and-a-half to three year olds are still wearing diapers or pull-ups. Even though my Mom's generation seems to claim "You were all potty trained at one year old! You were!", the synopsis of Generation X seems to be Let Them Wear Diapers.

I came across this interesting article by Megan Francis, justifying her rationale for a 3-year old in diapers. Her humorous article provides the following pros:

1) Diapers are easier to clean than puddles
2) With two kids in diapers, an assembly line is quite easy
3) Potty trained kids are just as much work (little boys, especially, have poor aim)

Personally, I'd like to have Nolan out of diapers by age 2. I am beginning to wonder if that's a little unrealistic. When is too old for diapers?

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