Is marriage a luxury item?

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If you are married with children, your are in the minority. Married couples with children now account for less than one in every four households in the United States.

Researchers say marriage rates in general have declined over the past 20 years. Those who are marrying, are doing it later in life and are more discriminating about who they do it with.

What's interesting is who is doing it and who is not. The majority of those choosing to not marry are the poor and working class. Although experts say that marriage reduces the likelihood that a family will live in poverty, social scientist say that those with less education and lower incomes are shying away from it, choosing instead to live together and have children out of wedlock.

"The culture is shifting, and marriage has almost become a luxury item, one that only the well educated and well paid are interested in,'' said Isabel V. Sawhill, an expert on marriage and a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution.

Marriage a luxury item? Experts claim that lower income couples might be avoiding marriage because of their own parents' troubled unions but that can't be the whole story. Bad marriages don't just happen in poor families.

What do you think is happening to marriage in America?

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