Teacher tricks students in to giving fingerprints

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An English primary school headmaster has been criticized for "tricking' his young students into providing their fingerprints.

Mark Woodbaum told his pupils that providing their fingerprints was part of a "game...so there's no need to tell your parents."

The children were as young as three years old.

Fingerprinting in schools is commonly done to use in anti-truancy measures or cashless cafeterias, as well as library systems. On the surface, there's nothing nefarious about it, so why the secrecy from parents?

Mr. Woodbaum was undoubtedly concerned about a parental backlash to the fingerprinting, which was done in the wake of recent leaked government documents that outlined plans for children aged 10-16 to be fingerprinted and stored in a secret database from 2010 on. Parents are worried about the increasing presence of "big brother" in the lives of their kids.

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