The tooth fairy and other lies I tell my kid

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Ellie lost four baby teeth last year. That gave me four opportunities to lie to her. Every time a tooth fell out, she expected a visit from the tooth fairy. And I did not disappoint. Deep down, I think she knows it's just a pretend game we play to make losing teeth more fun. But neither of us has admitted to knowing the true identity of the person who takes her little lost teeth away and replaces them with a dollars under her pillow.

I vividly recall the day I learned that Santa Claus didn't really exist. I was the youngest of three kids and my older siblings were more than happy to put an end to that little fantasy when I was 5 years old. Besides being heartbroken that the jolly giver of gifts wasn't real, I was confused as to why my mother, an otherwise honest person, let me believe he was.

Easter is approaching and with it the Easter Bunny. Hiding eggs and watching Ellie hunt for them is fun. What's not fun, at least for me, is pretending a large bunny came by sometime during the night and hid them. When she was younger, it didn't really bother me to play this game with her. Maybe because I knew she would never remember the lie coming out of my mouth. But as she gets older and understands more about the real world, I feel guilty for doing it. Am I not sending the message that sometimes it is okay to lie to little kids? I know the lies are well-meaning, but they are still lies.

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