Is this Armani ad too sexy?

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I'm one of those adults that grumble about little girl clothes being "too sexy." Maybe I'm just a prude, which very well may be the case, but I can't help but look at some of the clothes marketed at children and the ads that appear out there and think that this world is ready to sexualize a child the second she comes out of the womb.

Spanish authorities are debating if a Georgio Armani ad featuring a young girl in a string bikini is showing the child in an improper sexual manner.

The head of child interests for Madrid's central government said "It's an advert where little girls aren't portrayed in the attitude of little girls. They are wearing make-up and they are about six or seven."

I went to the website to look at the picture, but ended up finding the music kind of odd for a site aimed at clothing young children. To me, it seemed kind of sexual, which isn't what I want to hear when I'm looking at a picture of a young child in a bikini.

As a parent of a young girl, I'm always trying to remember to walk the fine line between something being "cute" and going a little too far over the edge. While my daughter has both bikinis and one-pieces, I'm much more drawn to a one piece for her. Toddlers need not wear a string bikini.

What's next? A thong?

What do you think about the picture? Is it inappropriate?

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