NannyCams: do you tell?

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Over the past few years, Rachel and I have frequently talked about hiring a nanny to watch the kids. Never mind, for the moment, that we can't really afford it. Currently, my sister-in-law and mother-in-law watch the kids during the day, but my MIL, while in very good health, is no spring chicken and we don't know how long my SIL's will want to watch our kids for us. Hiring a nanny for at least part of the time would make things easier all around.

We're pretty much in agreement that if we did hire a nanny, we would install some cameras around the house. What I've been wondering about, however, is whether it would be better to let the nanny know the cameras are there or to keep them hidden? On the one hand, if the nanny knows the cameras are there, it might keep him on his toes, but it might also just encourage him to do any naughty things outside of the cameras' views. If, on the other hand, the nanny is unaware of the cameras, he can't avoid them, but any wrong-doing would only be recorded, not prevented.

What do you all think? Are nannycams a good idea in the first place? If so, should they be hidden and not disclosed or should prospective nannies be made aware of them?

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