Would you lend your baby to a teenager for practice?

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Teen pregnancy stats in the UK are on the rise. Never ones to miss an opportunity to turn the tragic into blockbuster success, the BBC have created a reality series called The Baby Borrowers. Branded as "a unique social experiment," the show revolves around five teens who get a taste of adult life as a sort of deterrent from growing up too fast.

"The couples, aged between 16 and 19 and itching for independence, will be given their own homes in a quiet street in Norwich. In their first week, they'll start real jobs and experience 'pregnancy'; being forced to wear simulation 'empathy bellies', attending ante-natal classes and preparing for the arrival of a child. The real thing will arrive at their doors very shortly..."

Apparently five mothers have entrusted these teens and the producers of this show with their babies. Now, I could use a week off like the next mom, but would I really be so willing to hand over my kid to a show? Doesn't that seem the least bit dangerous to you?

Regardless of my feelings about this bizarre babysitting situation, the show does sound rather interesting. The babies are replaced after three days with toddlers, who are then replaced with pre-teens and then young teens. The teens experience 40 years over four weeks. While I doubt this will scare these teens into abstinence, it may make them take safe sex more seriously.

If you live in the UK and know a 16-19 year-old who could use a reality check, the show is looking for people to participate in the next series. Interestingly, the website does not seem to be soliciting for babies and toddlers to be on the show. Aw shucks.

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