Gay parents get fertility clinic

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If you're a gay male couple, starting a family can be daunting. It's difficult or flat out impossible to adopt in many U.S. states, and those who want biological children via a surrogate mother face prejudice and bureaucracy at every turn.

Enter the Fertility Institutes, a Los Angeles clinic that has unveiled the first program for gay men who want to become parents.

According to Dr Jeffrey Steinberg, director of the clinic, "The demand is incredible. the United States has always been busy but we are seeing more and more demand from abroad."

And those seeking out the procedure are willing to pay for it. The process can run you upwards of $60,000, and it's more expensive if you want to chose the sex of the baby.

In response to the expected controversy surrounding the new program, Steinberg says, "This is new. It is challenging. We understand people are a little intimidated, a little frightened by it. It just takes time to get used to things."

Hopefully this is the first step toward easier times for same-sex couples.

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