The joy of new shoes

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Every day after school, Ellie and I drive past a shoe store. She never fails to ask if we can stop in, sometimes promising that she just wants to look. By this point, she doesn't expect me to agree. It's just part of our drive-home conversation. I always respond with the standard "you have plenty of shoes." But yesterday, when I made that right turn into the parking lot, she knew it was finally time and she literally squealed with delight.

After having her feet measured, the search for cute spring shoes was on. She loved everything she saw and tried on almost all of them. I sat back amused, watching her strut around in each pair, admiring herself in the mirror. Narrowing her selection down to just one pair was difficult, but after careful consideration she chose a cute pink polka-dotted pair, accented with a pink bow.

Back in the car, she immediately changed into the new shoes. All the way home, she excitedly paired the new shoes with outfits she had at home. When Papa got home, she regaled him with a blow by blow of the entire shoe shopping event and proudly modeled her new purchase.

There are so many things about spring that make my heart smile. Budding flowers, green grass and baby birds all make me happy. But not very many things can top the pure joy of a little girl with a new pair of shoes.

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