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This is my second pregnancy, so you'd think I had some clothes from the first time around. Instead of small in summer to large in winter, I'm pregnant in reverse this time. It's still damn cold up here in Canada and the cute floaty summer dresses that got me through my second trimester just aren't cutting it.

(And there's the small fact that my pregnant brain can't actually remember where I stored the box of maternity clothes.)

So I dragged my sister out to the mall a few weekends ago. First stop, Motherhood Maternity. Their ads always show some glowy blonde looking very fashionable sporting her bump. We're in the store for nearly 10 minutes and no one has bothered to acknowledge our presence. The staff are deep in conversation and the clothes don't look that hot close up.

We skip Thyme Maternity (where I had some success last time) and head straight for the Gap. I need some jeans. Stat. I am so much happier in the Gap. The same Gap jeans I've loved for decades, just with stretchy waistbands. Hallelujah! I can't believe I'm spending $80 on jeans I'll be wearing for 6 months, but I convince myself I'll hand them down when my girlfriends get pregnant. Just like Kristin was saying the other day, I still can't get my head around spending 200$ on maternity jeans. I'll just stretch out my old lo-rise Sevens when I need some jean-tucked-into-boot action.

My last two stops are my faves when it comes to mat wear. H&M and Old Navy. You can't beat Old Navy for basics like ribbed tanks and simple tees. And H&M always manages to make something so stylish your deluded brain makes you think you'll wear it post-baby, too.

So many of us today are not content to hide in a corner when pregnant. I want to flaunt my bump! I spent the last 15 years of my life sucking in my tummy. Now I'm ready to let it all hang out. It seems that finally, stores are responding and making flattering and affordable options for us preggies.

Where do you like to shop for maternity clothes? Are you finding things that flatter you?

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