SAHMs look out! Angelina is joining your playgroup.

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The good folks at (and probably dozens of other sites) are reporting that Angelina Jolie is hanging up her drama masks in order to stay at home with her brood.

We wouldn't be a site about babies and parenting if we didn't throw our own two cents in, now would we?

In an interview with Ho Chi Minh City newspaper Phap Luat last week, Angelina talked about her regret at bringing so much media attention to newly adopted son, Pax Thien. Then she dropped the SAHM, according to the BBC, saying "she would stay at home to help the boy, who speaks no English, settle into his new life."

As I may have mentioned before, friends of ours are leaving for foreign soil any day now to bring home their adopted son. Everyone is offering suggestions like, "You should sign him up for swimming." Our ignorance of the orphanage system is clear in these comments. As my girlfriend pointed out, "We're going to spend some time at home, adjusting. After all, he's never been in a house before."

Duh. How come I didn't realize that? And just like any new addition to your family, an adoption also requires the equivalent of a "babymoon." It's strange that anyone would scrutinize Angelina for this, most obvious of motherly decisions.

But as usual, what seems like a sacrifice is not always so in celebrity-land. Though Brangelina are always seen holding their own kids, it's hard to imagine that there are not nannies, housecleaners and cooks in the background. The photo ops are great, but there's no way she's all done up like that with four kids and no help. Right? Oh please, let that be true.

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