Mom wakes from coma for three days

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A Colorado woman recently awoke from a six year long coma and stayed lucid for three days before going back into her vegetative state.

The woman, named Christa Lilly, had a stroke and heart attack six years ago, which led to the coma. A vegetative state is similar to a coma but the person's eyes remain open.

During her three day recovery, she spoke with her family and a local television station. She said she had no problems eating, even though she has been fed through a feeding tube, pointing out that she enjoyed a piece of cake. She did express frustration at relearning to speak.

She has woken up four times in the past six years, though each time was a briefer than this last one. After three days, she returned to her coma. Luckily, she was able to see her youngest daughter, who is 12, and three grandchildren.

I couldn't imagine what this must be like for her children and grandchildren. Hopefully, they'll be able to understand what is going on soon.


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