Robert Duvall wants kids (but can't be a father)

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Robert Duvall, the 76-year-old actor, has never been a father. He's been married, he's tried -- but in all those years, no kids. So what gives?

Apparently, as told to Details magazine in a recent interview, he's "shooting blanks."

It's not even like he's trying to avoid fatherhood -- telling the magazine that he tried for kids "with a lot of different women, in and out of marriage." He's even thought of adoption -- an option which he and his wife haven't ruled out.

I can't imagine being a new father in my 70s. In fact, at my age, I can't imagine my 70s period. But when your wife is 40 years younger than you are, I guess these are things you have to consider.

Maybe the pressure is coming from the father-in-law, who's looking for some grand kids. Although, seeing as dad is actually younger than the actor/potential father/near octogenarian, chances are he doesn't wield much influence. My guess: the Duvalls won't be parenting any time soon.

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