Harry Potter star gets her first...stalker

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Some kids get a new car for their Super Sweet Sixteen. Harry Potter star Emma Watson, who plays Hermoine Granger, got her very own stalker.

Emma was at school when a crazed fan decided to come in to meet his favorite star.

The "fan" learned that certain lectures in Emma's school, where she is in her first year of A-Levels, were open. So, doing what any totally normal individual would do, he decided to stop by. Seeing Emma wasn't enough, however, and he went up to her to discuss the Harry Potter films.

Nothing like a little unwanted attention to really impress the ladies.

The school, Emma's parents and the police were informed of the incident. In case you're feeling interested in meeting Emma in person, please know that she now has a bodyguard.

According to the article, this incident was particularly upsetting to Emma because she has tried very hard, much like her co-stars (Okay, Daniel Radcliffe's penis excluded) to lead a normal life.


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