Miss World allows pregnant contestant

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According to my very official (and very imaginary) celebrity "oh no they didn't" watch, it has been exactly five minutes too long since we've had scandal in the pageant world.

Oh wait ... what's this coming in over the wire ... Houston, we officially have a scandal.

The reigning Miss Jamaica World, also known as Sara Lawrence, announced that she planned to step down from the crown due to her pregnancy. If I remember correctly, pageant winners are not supposed to be married, pregnant or mothers.

Pageant officials at the top level say that they support Sara and they hope she will not step down from her title. One naysayer says that Sara's pregnancy has compromised her role as a safe sex activist.

Yes, we all see that they've hinted at the fact that Sara didn't practice safe sex but hey, who knows, perhaps the condom broke? Perhaps she was in a monogamous relationship and had a birth control slip up?

Unless there's a video (which, with this society, if one exists, it will be on the 'net within minutes) you can never know for sure.

So, what do you think? Should a pregnant or single mom (one was dethroned in 1976 after she revealed she was a single mom) be allowed to hold the crown?

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