Video games make your teen drive faster

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For all of you about to entering the frightening world of driver's ed, take note: new research suggests that the more your teen plays video games, the more likely he or she is to take risks while driving.

About 300 people -- both teens and adults -- participated in the study. Those who played racing video games every day were in the most accidents and got the most speeding tickets. In a smaller, related study, researchers gave 68 people racing games to play. They then put the gamers through a driving simulation, and found that it took them an average of one second longer to brake after being cut off by another car.

So what does this mean for teen drivers?

"Parents need to realize that video games are wonderful teaching tools that may be teaching skills that they don't want their child to learn," says Craig Anderson, a professor of psychology at Iowa State University. He even suggests sitting in the car with your teen -- which, while impractical, may save lives in the long run.

Seems to me like this is one more reason to raise the driving age.


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