It's never too late to be a dad

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Yesterday was Single Parents' Day and writing about that had me reliving my own years as a single parent. I remember many times wishing there was another adult who was looking out for and caring about my daughter the way I was. Someone with whom I could share the responsibilities of parenting. From bathing her to helping her with her homework to worrying about who she was hanging out with. Not only was it exhausting, there was nobody there to balance out my inevitable mistakes.

I met my husband when Christy was already a teenager. By the time we married, Christy was out of high school and living on her own. She lived her entire childhood without the benefit of a father. Although she liked the man I married, it took her several years to see him as more than her mother's husband. It took me a while, too. But one day when Christy called seeking advice about something, I realized that he was better suited to help her in that particular situation. I sent him out to meet her for coffee and my husband came back a step-father.

Since that time, the two of them have developed a real father-daughter relationship. They regularly meet for coffee to discuss her future and to talk about life in general. And as much as I longed for that relationship when she was a child, it took some getting used to for me. Letting go of even a small part of my parenting responsibilities was hard after so many years of being the only one. But seeing his influence on her makes me realize that it is never to late for a child - and that child's mother - to benefit from a caring father.


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