Planning a party: the candy!

I recently decided to throw a little get-together for some people I know in my town, women whose children are the same age as my daughter and also stay at home. I figured it would be a good way to get to know these people, especially since summer will soon be upon us. Having a party was my taking the initiative.

Also, at this point, I'd like to add that the 11-year-old girl inside me is dying because once, at that age, I had a party and nobody came.

No. Body.

Honestly, it was so embarrassing that I still can't bring myself to think about it without feeling that lump in my throat. That's why I nearly died when someone told me she most likely couldn't come because it was "during nap time."

But, that didn't stop me. Sure, nobody may show up and it might just be me and my kids but we'll have a party and we'll like it. Besides, it was a good excuse to buy candy. Lots and lots of candy. Okay, let's be serious; I bought an insane amount of candy.

Rachel's motto? "Hey kids! Time for candy and cupcakes! Okay now time to go home! Bye bye!"

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