Portrait of a Working Mom: Mom's Sick Day

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I've been home sick this week. Cute, but snotty two-year-olds look innocent enough, but they are walking petrie dishes of germs. Here's how this working mom's day goes when she's outta comish.

6:30 AM: Alarm goes off. Ugh. There's a jackhammer going through my head, my nose is running and my chest feels like an elephant is sitting on it. Hit snooze and hope 15 minutes will make it all go away.

6:45 AM: Realize that nothing is better. Husband gets out of the shower to be told I'm not going in.

8:00 AM: Wake up to sound of frolicking preschooler. Crap. Husb is long gone to work and I have yet to call into the office. Roll over to get the phone. My voice is scary enough to erase any doubt about my illness.

8:30 AM: Toddler can tell by my greasy hair and sweats that I am not going to work. Starts his "I no wanna go to school" campaign.

9 AM: Get the toddler to preschool/daycare, kicking and screaming that he wants his mommy. "Mommy needs her rest," I try to explain. He looks at me with disdain.

10 AM: Yay! Working means no daytime TV. I forgot how much I missed daytime TV!

11 AM: Am bored with daytime TV. I boot up the laptop. Maybe I'll just check my work emails. That will prevent the mass of unread emails tomorrow morning right?

12 AM: Oh dear. I am fully working, not resting. My husband calls to check up on me, chastizes me and orders me back to the couch.

1 PM: What the heck is going on in Salem? Who are these people? Why did they have to go and change Shawn?

2 PM: I can do some laundry while I'm home, no? Maybe I'll just check my email and write a blog post, too...

3 PM: Crap! They will be home soon! I should try to nap. No. I should think of dinner. No. Nap!

4 PM: ZZzzzzzz. I should wake up and watch Oprah, but ZZzzzzzzzzzz.

5 PM: Crap! They will be here any minute. Time to pretend I'm still really sick so that I'm off the hook for dinner. Fan out some take out menus and put a cloth over my eyes for effect.

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