Teacher bites students who give him wedgie

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If half-a-dozen 200lbs high school wrestlers tried to give you a wedgie, what would you do?

A teacher decided to defend himself by biting one of the wrestlers on the thigh, and it's got him in big trouble. The state of Oregon called his actions a "gross neglect of duty," mandating two years of probation, requiring him to take a class on appropriate behavior, and forcing him to write a public letter of apology to the affected student.

The wrestlers, on the other hand, were only disciplined by the wrestling coach, and otherwise went unpunished.

"You can't place all the blame on the teacher," said Superintendent Walt Blomberg. "He characterized it as an attack."

But, I guess if you're the state, you can place all the blame on the teacher. Or, at least, that's how it appears.


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