What do you do for spring break?

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When I was a child, spring break meant a week of sleeping late and playing outside all day. It was sort of a test-run for summer break. My mother didn't line up day camps and classes to keep us occupied and my family didn't take trips out of town or plan any special activities whatsoever. It was spring break, which meant we were allowed to fill our time however we pleased.

When Christy was little, spring break mostly meant scrambling to find child care for her during that week so I could go to work. Now that Ellie is in school, I am trying to figure out spring break again. She will be dismissed from school early on Friday and will be off all next week and I have made absolutely no plans for keeping her busy. Most parents I know have enrolled their little ones in day camps, swimming lessons, etc. The only thing we have so far is a very elaborate plan for a lemonade stand.

I was feeling stressed out about my lack of plans until I talked to Ellie about what she wanted to do during her week off. Her idea of a great spring break sounds a lot like mine. She gets up early every weekday and attends kindergarten until 3pm. She wants to spend her week exactly the way I used to; sleeping late and playing outside with her friends. So, that is what we will do. Assuming, of course, that her friends have time in their schedules for that. What about you? Do you plan lots of activities and trips for your kids' spring break?

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