Audra Rox really does rock

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One thing I really like about having the television channel Noggin is that we get to see Jack's Big Music Show. Why? Because, even though I'm totally not hip in real life, thanks to JBMS, I am totally down with what the kids in the sand box are listening to.

Take, for example, Audra Rox. (Click on the JBMS link and look at the third video from the left for Audra's "I Hope My Momma Says Yes" )

Audra Rox (also known as Audra Tsanos) lives in Brooklyn, New York, where she also happens to teach music classes. Can I tell you how jealous I am of this fact?

I Hope My Momma Says Yes, the song currently playing on Noggin is completely fun and addictive. By the time the song is over, I'm ready to strip off all my clothes and chase the ice cream truck down the street, naked. I'm not sure if Audra planned on having that much impact on listeners, but what can I say? She's totally awesome.

Now only if she'd pack up and move to Texas so we could get in on the fun, we'd be set.


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