Chicago restaurant bans bad kids

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Kristin Scott recently wrote about taking her child to a restaurant and being seated in a kids' section. She had never seen this sort of setup before and neither have I. I have mixed feelings about being made to sit apart from the adults and surrounded by kids. On the one hand, I can relax and enjoy myself more if I know Ellie's absentminded chair-kicking and animated conversation isn't bothering anyone. However, being forced to eat my meal surrounded by children who are a bit more rambunctious and annoying isn't very enjoyable either.

When Chicago restaurant owner Dan McCauley became so fed up with the misbehaving children in his restaurant, he posted a sign on the door that read "Children of all ages have to behave and use their indoor voices when coming to A Taste of Heaven." Thinking this was a fair and simple solution to the problem, he was surprised when he received 50-60 phone calls from upset parents who vowed never to set foot in his restaurant again. It was written up in the paper and some parents called for boycotts of the cafe.

But after the story gained national attention, McCauley began to receive praise for his stand against ill-mannered children in restaurants. From as far away as Singapore and the UK, people responded with letters of support and some even sent money to make up for any business he might lose.

Clearly, the whole issue of kids eating out in pubic is a hot-button topic for many people. In fact, ABC's "20/20" is doing a show on the subject this Friday and I am going to watch it. I don't understand why everyone is so worked up about it and maybe this show will shed some light.

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