The Terrible Whys

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For the most part, I am blessed with a happy, fairly well-behaved two-year-old. He has not yet started some of the behaviour that I hear about from other moms. He has, however, begun to question everything. Especially my authority it seems. All my feelings of maternal power are now dismissed with a simple three letters followed by a question mark.


It goes something like this. "OK Nate, time to get ready for school."


"Because mommy has to go to work and if we don't leave for school now, mommy will be in trouble."


And so on and so on. When you're lacking in the patience department, this line of interrogation can really wear you down. They should think about using toddlers and preschoolers to get confessions out of criminals.

So I've succumbed to ready Dr. Harvey Karp's The Happiest Toddler on the Block. I'm not too far in, but already he's enlightened me by comparing my son to a caveman. We often forget the massive achievements of our little ones from conception to age four. The advances that took 5 million years of evolution are now compressed into 5 short years!

I'll review the book once I'm done, but I already think it's worth recommending. I know I've been down on this type of advice in the past, but when push comes to shove, anything that might help to equip you with better coping skills is worth checking out.

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